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7 Questions You Might Want to Ask Caregivers Before Hiring Them

7 Questions You Might Want to Ask Caregivers Before Hiring Them

Hiring a caregiver should not be done haphazardly. After all, your loved one’s health is at stake. You need to exercise caution and take measures to hire the best caregiver who will assist and care for your loved one.

Part of hiring a caregiver is the interview. You definitely want to know more about the professional you wish to hire. Here are some questions that you might want to ask prior to receiving home care services from a certain caregiver.

  • Question 1 – Is there a way for me to reach you to get updates about my loved one?

    You want to be in close contact with the caregiver. This way, you will be aware of your loved one’s condition.

  • Question 2 – Do you have a fit-to-work certificate?

    Senior individuals typically have weakened immune systems. Any provider of senior in-home care services in Lincolnwood, Illinois should be healthy. This does not mean that it is enough for the caregiver to say that he or she is healthy. If possible, check for results of physical examination. This is usually a requirement for caregivers from agencies.

  • Question 3 – Have you had formal training in this field?

    Caregivers need to undergo training to prepare themselves for the jobs they are about to perform. You should see to it that the caregiver you want to hire has been trained. This way, he or she will know what to do when left alone with your aging or ill loved one. Furthermore, make sure that the professional is certified in First Aid and CPR for emergency situations.

  • Question 4 – Do you have experience as a caregiver?

    Although it is not necessarily a requirement, an experienced caregiver often knows what to do in case something happens. Through the caregiver’s experience, he or she can look after your loved one and will be able to handle any situation.

  • Question 5 – Are you able to perform your duties on the given schedule?

    As much as possible, try to get an honest answer from the applicant. You do not want to compromise the health and safety of your loved one by not checking this out.

  • Question 6 – How do you react to stubborn or irate patients?

    Those who provide companion care in Illinois definitely know that patients have different personalities. These patients often have strong emotions brought about by their difficulties, pain or limitations. It will be good to be clear about the situation of your loved one so that the caregiver will also know how to answer you and what to expect.

  • Question 7 – What happened in your previous employment? Did you leave your last job without grudges? What references can you provide me?

    These will help you get an idea as to how capable the applicant is with the job you will be entrusted to him or her.

BRC screens employees thoroughly, making sure that they are qualified to handle our clients in whatever situation. However, if you wish to choose the caregiver for your loved one, you can use these questions as a guide. Remember, your decisions should be made with a well-informed mind. If there is anything we can do to help, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

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