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5 Characteristics of a Great Caregiver


Providers of Home Care Services such as BRC have perfected the process of matching clients with their caregivers. However, we also encourage you to look for a few fundamental traits of your potential caregiver such as:

  1. Expertise

    We need to have caregivers who know what they are doing. It is necessary to do a background check. Make sure they have the essential training and certifications that matches the guidelines of the state. It is also a bonus point if the caregiver has been undergoing seminars and training.

  2. Experience

    Professional caregivers are able to tend to patients with various needs. However, you have to be specific on the type of care your senior needs. When you are looking for a caregiver, you have to be certain that they know how to care for your loved one given his or her condition.

    Patients with pre-existing conditions like dementia or diabetes have a special type of care. The caregiver tending to their needs should have the experience working with patients with this condition. If you want them to prepare meals, ask them the kinds of food they love to cook. Ask if they can take on special dietary requests or restrictions.

  3. Compassion

    Caregiving is not a desk job. It is a job that will be ineffective without the bond of the caregiver and the patient. Building that trusting relationship takes empathy and attentiveness – two important characteristics caregivers should have.

    To make sure if a caregiver does exhibit compassion, ask his or her reason why he or she chose to be a caregiver. Their answer should have the right mixture of professionalism and care.

  4. Patience

    When dealing with patients who have varying needs, a caregiver needs to adjust and be patient with the situation of his or her own patient. Caregiving should not be taken lightly. A person who chooses to be on that path must have an extraordinary amount of patience.

    You can easily spot caregivers who exhibit such characteristic. Just ask about the experience he or she had with a previous client. Ask them how he or she dealt with a situation. Look for warmth and composure in the answer they give you.

  5. Communication

    Communication is the key to having a good relationship. The caregiver should be one who knows how to effectively communicate to his or her patient. He or she should be able to calm their patient down and make the latter as comfortable as possible.

    They should also have an open line of communication with you and the rest of the family to keep you updated about your parent’s needs and care.

When looking for a caregiver who will be providing Senior In Home Care Services in Lincolnwood, Illinois, you do not only have to check their credentials. You also have to look into their personalities.

What are the additional characteristics you are looking for in a caregiver? Leave us a comment for us to find you a match.

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