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When Does a Senior Loved One Need a Caregiver?

When Does a Senior Loved One Need a Caregiver?

Aging in place is a very common concept we attribute to our senior loved ones who want to spend their senior years in their very own home. This preference is in fact shared by many seniors according to the AARP. About 87% of the American seniors that they have interviewed claimed that they want to stay in their own homes as they spend the rest of their retirement years.

The idea of aging at home can be very helpful to the emotional and mental health of a senior person. However, as the years go by, they will have particular needs that will require assistance from providers of senior homecare services in Lincolnwood Illinois.

What about you? Is there a way for you to know that it’s time for your loved one to get home care assistance? Yes, there is. We’ve rounded up these factors for you, which include the following:

  • Physical Condition
    As soon as you notice that your senior loved one’s health has declined, that their weight has reduced, or that they have become more forgetful about their personal care needs, it’s a big sign that they already need help from a home care provider. Put their safety in your mind when considering about getting home care assistance.
  • Mobility Issues
    Seniors will also eventually encounter mobility difficulties that can keep them isolated from others. When they’re having a hard time walking or even moving around the house, the presence of an assistant can be effective in making their activities more manageable and comfortable.
  • Poor Grooming and Hygiene
    When you begin to notice that your senior family member is also already not able to take care of themselves, such as not having taken a bath or looking unkempt, it’s also a clear signal that they will be in need of help from care assistants. Grooming and hygiene are essential elements to the overall wellbeing of your senior family member.
  • Forgetful Episodes
    The habit of forgetting is a common experience to most, if not all, of us. However, there are kinds of forgetfulness that are no longer normal. When these forgetful episodes occur, such as when they forget what they ate for breakfast, or having to repeat what they have said as if it’s the first time they have said it means that they will already need some help.
  • Unpaid Bills
    When your senior loved one has the inability to pay their own bills for whatever reason, the assistance of a care provider can make this matter lightly. Someone can assist them in handling their bills while protecting them from online predators that seek to take advantage of their senior years.

When you spot these signs in your aging loved one, consider getting help from providers of Home Care in Lincolnwood, Illinois. We have a team at BRC Access Care, Inc. ready to respond to your inquiries and meet with you at the scheduled appointment.

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