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Consequences of Medication Non-Adherence

Consequences of Medication Non-Adherence

Both the prescribed and over-the-counter medications are intended to meet the health needs of a person. So, when your loved ones have regular medications they need to take, ensure that they adhere to the instructions related to their meds.

However, our senior family members face situations that make adherence difficult to achieve. They can forget about their intake schedule. They may have mixed the medicines together, which can cause negative reactions. They may even store the medicines in improper storage areas.

Our home care providers are here to help you ensure that when you’re not around, your loved ones can still adhere to their medication schedules. Consider the following sequences when medications are not correctly adhered:

  • Possibility of Hospitalization/Re-hospitalization

    Some medicines are prescribed to prevent the worsening of an illness or to treat a present malady. Without treatment, these ailments can affect your loved one’s physical wellbeing, which can result in more health complications. They can get even hospitalized due to their worsening conditions.

  • Costlier Medications

    When your family members wrongly take their medications, worse consequences can occur, which reduces the medicine’s potency. If this happens, they may be prescribed with stronger dosages, which mean costlier medication on your part. Let our team provide you with Home Care in Lincolnwood, Illinois so that adherence is monitored.

  • Occurrences of Relapse

    Some illnesses can result to relapse when the person stops taking the medicines or takes the wrong dosage. A common example is hypertension, which can result in unexpected stroke. Once a person has stroke, the possibility of relapse can happen when the maintenance meds are missed.

  • Delayed Recovery

    For individuals who are given medications to completely recover from their surgery, injury, or illness, not complying with their treatments can delay the recovery. With this delay, the person’s quality of life can be affected, and their productivity is reduced. For seniors who experience delayed recovery, there’s a possibility of complications instead of healing.

  • Complicated Symptoms

    There are also ailments that require correct intake of medications or else, the symptoms can get more complicated. One common example is bacterial infection. Anti-bacterial medications need to be taken as scheduled and with the right dosage. If not, the effects of the bacteria can get stronger, which will require a stronger version of the medicine.

What challenges of medication adherence does your loved one face? Is it forgetfulness? Is it confusion due to many medicines to take? To provide them with proper assistance in ensuring that their medicines are taken as scheduled, our team can provide them with senior homecare services in Lincolnwood Illinois. We recognize how crucial medication management is when it comes to your loved one’s overall wellbeing.

At BRC Access Care, Inc., we have our team of compassionate care providers to assist your loved one so that their care needs are addressed. If you’re in need of these forms of assistance, keep in touch with our team today.

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