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As we get older, it is an undeniable fact that we tend to forget some things even if it is of high importance. Despite having this common problem in adults, this is an invalid excuse to err medicines especially when we are talking about our own health improvement. As a reliable Companion Care in Illinois, we list some of the ways you can do to remind yourself about your medications.

  • Write it Down
    One of the most effective ways to remember your medications is by writing it. You can include the schedule, dosage, important reminders from your doctor, and other information about that specific medication. You can write such information in a notebook you always bring or paste it in areas that are visible to you (e.g., refrigerator, your room’s door, near the TV, etc.). You can also ask someone to write it down for you when you have troubles doing it so.
  • Utilize the Technology
    You may be getting older, but no one says that you can never be “IN” to the techy life of the new generation. At present, there are many apps to help remind you of the pills you need to take. Even the basic and old cellular phone has its built-in “reminder” or “alarm clock” that you just have to set in order to remind you automatically. If you have difficulties using the gadgets, the younger ones can help you out.
  • Ask Your Pharmacy for Special Packaging
    Not only our gadgets but also our pharmacies are stepping up their games. You can now take advantage of their special packaging services to help you remember the information about your medications. With this service, your pharmacists can now organize your pills depending on the time it needs to be taken or on how often you take such medicines. This is a good technique especially for seniors who get confused from all the medications they need to take.
  • Ask Help
    Senior living is not meant to be lived alone. For some, all those things mentioned above can be difficult to do without the help of family members or other people who care. To help you be reminded of your medications, you can always ask your family members for assistance and support. You can also count on home care services to not only remind you of your medications, but also assist you in your daily activities.

Medication errors such as those mentioned can be avoided by setting our minds to our goal which is to be healthier and happier as we age. Such goal can be more attainable through the help of our professional care providers at BRC. We are a Senior In Home Care Services in Lincolnwood Illinois that aims to help our clients with the companionship. We offer the assistance they need to continue living a fulfilling and meaningful life even in their senior years.

For more information and other inquiries regarding our services, you may contact us 847-674-2388 or 708-620-9595. Visit our website at

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