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At BRC Access Care, Inc., our priority is to bring outstanding home care services for clients located in Lincolnwood and neighboring cities all over Illinois. We maintain a high level of quality in providing home care to serve clients as they maintain their health or live out their elderly years right where they live. Our in-home care company was established to answer the varied care requirements of the elderly, the frail, homebound, alone and maybe at risk, recovering after hospitalization and/or newly discharged from the nursing home or rehabilitation facility.

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  • 7301 N. Lincoln Avenue, Suite 104
    Lincolnwood, Illinois 60712
  • Phone: 847-674-2388
    Fax:847-674-0517 - North Office 708-825-9884 - South Office
  • brcaccesscare@yahoo.com
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Special People

I think there will be a special place in heaven for caregivers. You who have loaded wheelchairs into cars or vans or cut up food and gently placed it into your mate's mouth, or emptied bladder bags or positioned sleep machines. There must be a special place for you. Have you stood in line to buy take-out or stopped for groceries on your way home from work? There's a special place in our hearts for you. Have you held the hand of your ill, loved one and reminded them of why you chose to marry him/her in the first place? And then added the reasons why you'd do it all over again? There's a special reward in heaven for you. You may think that no one knows and no one cares or understands, but you're wrong, my friend. Remember, Scripture says, "Show mercy and compassion to one another.? Zechariah 7:9 This week hold your head a little higher and place a smile on your face. For Someone sees your acts of kindness. He cares, and He remembers.

Phyllis Porter Dolislager

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Why Choose Us

Lincolnwood IL - Quality Home Care

As much as possible, we help in maintaining your independence at home. Our goal is to give you a sense of control over your health and living situation. This is because we give value to your decisions. Protecting your dignity and privacy are still our top priorities in providing Senior Home Care Services in Lincolnwood Illinois.

From time to time, however, we all need a helping hand and this is where BRC Access Care, Inc. steps in to provide Home Care or Companion Care in Illinois. Where your physical health and mobility fall short, we are there to provide you with strong caregiver support whenever you need it.

Why you should choose BRC Access Care, Inc. as your home care provider:

  • Have someone you can trust to provide you with care in your personal residence
  • We help you feel comfortable and at peace in your home despite the pains of old age or illness
  • Apart from being skilled with home care techniques, our staff at BRC Access Care, Inc. are honest, considerate and patient.
  • Our hiring policies ensure that you will be matched with a highly qualified caregiver to provide you with home care services.
  • In view of a customized home care plan, we draw from our experience and expertise to deliver a level of service that is adapted to your health and living situation.

We offer a line-up of home care services that you can avail of right where you live. This continuum of outstanding home care ensures that you will always find the exact care you need so you can live your life to the fullest. Talk to our home care specialist by calling us at 847-674-2388. Or, you can visit our services page for more information about our home care programs.

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